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Market Analysis Online Pharmacies in Germany 2023

The 40 Major Online Pharmacies in Germany

The Analysis

Mid-2023: The German market for Online Pharmacies has grown significantly in recent years and customer loyalty is becoming increasingly important. In addition to the Zur Rose Group and Shop-Apotheke, there are several medium-sized and dozens of smaller players on the market. This study provides an analysis of more than 40 of the largest online pharmacies in Germany with estimates for turnover, traffic and market share.


  • 20 pages, 20+ tables and charts
  • Number of analyzed Online Pharmacies: 42
  • Last update: 2023.
  • Pricing (1 user): 199 €

Interesting for

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  • Any Researcher interested in getting a quick overview of market participants and their size

Reading Sample (Excerpts)

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The study shows how the 42 mail-order pharmacies that were examined (with more than 90% of the total market) are positioned in comparison. Table of contents:

  • a) Existing customers and existing customer traffic
  • b) The existing customer indicator: number of searches for brand/website
  • (brand searches) on Google
  • c) Development of brand searches as an indicator of existing customer traffic to the individual shops
  • d) Existing customer traffic aggregated by company group
  • e) Sales estimates and market shares
Market Analysis Online Pharmacies in Germany 2023
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Among the Online Pharmacies we investigated

Versandapotheken Studie Deutschland 2023

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